More about Me

Because you know you want to know more.

10 things you probably didn't need to know:

10. I had a lisp up until 3rd grade. Thankfully my mom put me in speech therapy. It cut down the teasing [slightly].

9. I love my dogs. Even Phoebe when she 'cold noses' me in the middle of the night to roll over. And even Presley when he wakes me up walking across my chest.

8. That's my favorite number. Probably because my birthday is 8.8.80. (And now that you know my B-day I will be expecting a gift.)

7. Brad and I got married 4.11.2005 in Jamaica. He likes to pretend that since it's an international marriage license it doesn't count. He's very, very wrong.

6. I'm a copywriter at an ad agency. It's the perfect mix of creative and business. I couldn't ask for more. OK, maybe free Starbucks.

5. Brad and I have opened our home twice now to family members - his mother for 3 years, and my sister for a few months. Our next home will only have 1 bedroom. We know this will kill the resale, but our marriage will be awesome!

4. We build houses. I probably didn't make that clear in #5. We will build several and then retire in Mexico or somewhere that umbrella drinks are acceptable on a daily basis.

3. I have great friends (real and cyber) – they serve to replace my somewhat lack luster family.

2. Brad and I don't want any kids. We don't like kids. Except yours, yours are great! :) (OK and my niece, nephews and adopted nephews)

1. 90% of my posts will end up being about the above 'facts' (except for that lisp thing, I really don't ever see that coming up again).