Cure for boredom

I have been actively seeking a cure for boredom.  At this point, it is writing.  It's not really what I was looking for, but it is my go-to activity.  The problem is, typically when I am bored, I don't have anything to write about, other than the fact that I am bored.  So, it's usually pretty boring to read.  I apologize.  Unless I accidentally stumble upon something fun to talk about – it doesn't always happen, again, I apologize.  
I work at an ad agency, and one of our clients is a tobacco prevention and cessation program.  I write for them.  In doing so, I also do tons of research for them.  I know way too much about the harms of tobacco, both smoked and smokeless.  Plus, my parents smoked growing up, and it always bothered me.  Because I had been brainwashed by the very group that I now work for.  (I use that term in a good way)  I remember there was a poster in the nurses office.  It had a lady that looked very much to be a bum; she had ratty, gray hair, what teeth she had left were yellow and gross, and her skin was wrinkled.  It was shot in black and white, and the headline simply said "Smoking is glamorous."  Even at a young age, I appreciated the sarcasm and always thought, "Smoking is disgusting."  I tried it twice, both times to impress some guy.  They of course thought I would choke and sputter.  I didn't, I inhaled deeply and exhaled.  They didn't realize that because of my parents I was virtually a pack-a-day smoker.  I never liked the taste, the burn, or the smell that seemed to permeate everything.  We tried to get my mom to stop.  She wouldn't.  Once, my grandparents tried to bribe her into quitting.  They helped her buy a new vehicle, and told her she could have it – just so long as she quit smoking.  She did.  For a week or so.  Then she started going to her bathroom a lot, and would come out smelling like smoke and toothpaste.  So, my sister and I would sneak in there before she got home after school and we would steal her cigarettes.  We never smoked them, we just took them and kept a stock pile.  By the time she finally admitted what she was doing, we had about a carton.  We gave them back.  So, I have always been an anti-smoker at heart.  So working for this client has been an amazing outlet.  Except, sadly, I am never able to use the ridiculous facts that I find, or when I am able to really tell people how it is, I have to do so shortly because, well, "nobody's going to read all that."  Oh well.  Call me a clean air avenger, I will get people to understand the damaging effects of tobacco, whether it's via a state-wide campaign or that ever-uncomfortable face-to-face conversation at a friends house. 

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