Another day, another disaster

But not mine.  I am currently disaster-free, unless you count the folder falling and spilling my water all over me and my computer a disaster.  
This series of disasters belong to my sister.  While I am planning to move out of my house because I am building a new one, she is planning to move out of her house because she can't afford it.
I have a job that I love (that affords me lots of free time to play on this blog), while she has a mall job where she was passed over for a management position.  Again.
I went to the mall today to pick up my husband's wedding ring that had to be replaced because we lost it on a float trip, she went to the mall today to buy something to make herself feel better because her boyfriend dumped her.
My husband and I don't want any kids.  My sister just had surgery because she lost her baby.
The show "Worst week ever" has nothing on what's going on with her this month.  She is fighting with our mom (granted, I'm not talking to her either), and getting ready to fight with our grandmother.  
I wish I could help her.  I tried before, but it didn't turn out so well.  We didn't speak almost the entire time she was pregnant.  The question is, has five years made her any wiser?  Will she listen to me this time, or will my name be added to the list of people she's not talking to?

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