We close on our house in just over a week.  At that point, I, for all intent and purpose, will be homeless.  We will have a place to stay, but it's not ours.  We began packing our things yesterday, putting them into an offsite storage.  I  have twice since then realized I needed something that I already packed away.  I think the catch phrase of our home building process will be, "Buy a new one."  Our closets are empty, as are the walls, and partially packed boxes lay strewn about the house.  Piles of things to go to storage, things to go to his mom's house, and things to donate lie around.  This is a big transition for us.  Stepping from our first home to our second.  Moving from a neighborhood of first time home buyers to one we didn't expect to be in for several more years.  Moving from an easy existence to a one where we are building our dreams.  Exciting, but there is a long road ahead.
My sister managed to get help from her dad, and got a loan that she plans to use to get a cheaper car, so she can basically give away her old one.  She managed to get upside down on an SUV and traded it for a Mazda 3.  She thinks she can either sell her house without an agent or possibly find someone to rent it from her.  She wants to move to an apartment.  She says she wants to get her life in order.  But two weekends ago, she had to take off work to have surgery.  And this past weekend, she "let loose" to make herself feel better.  And next weekend, she is taking a trip to Georgia to visit her dad.  I asked why, she said it was, "to get away from everything."  
I thought that she would buckle down.  Fly right.  Get her head on straight.  All those stupid cliche things that people should do, when they have a scare that turns out the other way.  
And yet, she hasn't.  I can't help her.  I don't know how.
I don't know how to stress to her that she has to cut back.  She has to reduce her spending.  And she has to work her ass off to get a better job.  Why doesn't she understand?  I don't know how to convince her.  I don't know if I ever will

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