Unnamed baby.

While I originally thought today's post would be about the impending visit from MIL that will begin on Saturday and last for an undetermined time.  Instead, this morning, I was greeted with a rather unsettling text from a friend.  
His wife, one of my friends, is experiencing problems with her pregnancy.  At only 24 weeks, she is going to have to deliver.  The details are still a bit sketchy, but they are working on getting some hormones to the baby to help with lung development, but he will be delivered within the next 48 hours.  
And I am scared for my friends.  Their baby has a 70% chance of survival.  But I fear the saddest part will be the challenging road ahead of them when the baby survives.  
At this early state, their home is not ready for a second child.  He has no name, as the parents were still working from two lists of  names.  But he will come into this world loved.  By his parents, his older brother, and all the people thinking about him right now. 
Please protect this tiny baby, that is not yet 2 pounds.


  1. Miracles do happen. We were told there was a 90% chance that we'd lose our son while I was pregnant with him. He is now 1 1/2 yrs old and healthy as a horse. I have said a prayer for them and hope to hear good news!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm sure the family appreciates them - I do.
    Current update, mom was suffering from preeclampsia, the steroids have stabilized her and they are trying to beef up the baby's lungs. Every day he can stay inside of her gives him a better chance of survival. He will probably be born this week, but we are still waiting. I will post more when I know it.