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i never realized how many girly items i COULD live without until now. favorite girly product that you can't live without was the category for sara's spring fling. and when ONE thing didn't stick out in my mind, it became a process of elimination:
mascara? although that's the ONE makeup product that i really need, i guess i could live without it.... for a day!
tweezers? nah, let the eyebrows grow in!
nail clippers? nope, that's why God gave me teeth...
razor? yeah, i totally live without that in the winter... *ahem*
i thought it was going to be even harder to figure out my favorite girly item since i'm hundreds of miles away from home right now. but alas, it dawned on me that whatever girlie item i CAN'T live without is bound to be packed in my suitcase. and that's when i found it.

give me midol or give me death!!
i don't think i really need to elaborate on this, but with it i feel like this:

and without it i act like this!

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  1. I always have ibuprofen on me...in my purse, in the medicine cabinet, in my desk, in the kitchen. LOL

  2. Seriously, this was a GREAT spring fling post! My husband would tell you that I act much the same way as well!

  3. Love it! I love ibuprofen too! As a runner? it is a must!

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