Guilty Vacation

This past Thursday, my MIL was on her way to chemo, when she hit a crack with her walked and fell.  She broke her hip.  The next day, they put a pin in it and she has been in the hospital since.  Her doctors (orthopedic and oncologist) are in a dispute over what is more important -- walking or killing the cancer.  We are on the side of walking.  Either way, I have been granted a reprieve from taking care of her for a short period.  And I feel guilty because I am enjoying it.  Just the simple pleasures of coming home and being greeted by my husband.  And only my husband.  (OK and the dogs, but you get what I mean).  I enjoy only having to consider two people (who have very similar taste) when cooking dinner.  I love being able to eat pasta!  Pasta!  How I have missed you so!  Big plates of steaming pasta mixed with shrimp! Yum! 
It makes me sad that such a tragic thing has led me to appreciate such simple pleasures. 


  1. Don't feel guilty! You and your husband have taken on a big thing by taking care of her, that's it's ok to enjoy a little break. Is she going to be going with you to the new house, or will she stay with someone else then?

    I applaud you, because you are doing something very selfless. But enjoy the "alone" time with your hubs. And enjoy the pasta!!

  2. I agree with the comment above. You have always stuck me as so giving with all you do. take this time and ENJOY some time with hubby! You deserve it ma'am!

  3. I know how your feel my mother moved in with us TWO years ago and every once in awhile she goes to stay with my sister for a few weeks and I LOVE IT. I enjoy her being here it's just that I also like it when it's just my own little family. Hang in there and don't feel guilty it was meant to be just you and your husband. I think it's great of you to take care of your sick MIL.