Here, there and everywhere

I'm sure I mentioned this before, but thanks again to everyone who read my first chapter and gave me feedback!  I really appreciate it.  I'm plugging along, managing about a page a day (on the days I write during lunch).  I take my computer home with me every night and think really, really hard about writing.  But don't.  
Which has happened before.  Um, like the last TWO times I tried to write a book.  But this time is different.  I have a very clear picture in my head of where this book is going.  I've overcome some of the stumbling blocks of writing a book based on people I know by working on something that is truly fiction.  And I have an outline and a direction!
And thanks to you guys, I think I have a more interesting sub-plot.  
As I mentioned before, I plan on alternating chapters (odd chapters taking place in the present, even in the past), I am working on chapter 3 right now.  I've decided to skip the even chapters for a while.  I think those may be a tiny bit more drawn from my real experiences and I'm not quite ready to take that trip down memory lane, if you know what I mean.  So, I will save those for later.
I expect this process to be a potentially cathartic one, and I look forward to it while at the same time, I dread it.  
Once I get Ch 3 done, I will post it as well.  
On a random fun note, one of my co-workers was on Wheel of Fortune last night and won like 21K!  It was pretty exciting to watch.  She made it to the final round, but wasn't able to solve: 
L I _ _ I _
S _ _ _
Which was Liquid Soap.  And it cost her $100,000! Oh my gosh!  I just can't imagine how that much money could change your life.  
I'm out of worthy ammunition for Cake Friday, but I have a friends wedding cake at the end of this month and I'm really excited about it.  
This cake is the inspiration.  I found it here, via Cakewrecks on Twitter!  There will be a few differences, I don't plan on any horses, mostly birds, leaves, branches and flowers.  I'm not certain the process used on this cake, but I plan on wrapping mine completely in red fondant, then another layer of white fondant and using an exacto to reveal the red.  
Or at least that's the plan.  I need to practice this weekend to make sure that's the best method.  The alternative is to cover it with white then add the red pieces on top, 'gluing' them on.  The only reason I think that may not work is that so many of these details are very delicate and I don't think they would stick well.
Also, her bead border between the layers will be a light seafoamy blue color.  Very cool color combo.  
If I manage a test run, I'll get it posted here for you all to check out.


  1. Now don't go and be snarky and buy her bottles of liquid soap and leave them on her desk. LOL! (that's something I would do)

    My inlaws' next door neighbor were the big winners on The Price is Right years ago. They still have the hot tub on their back deck. ha!

    {LOVE} that cake! Seriously, how adorable is that?! I'd think you could do so many cool cake using dishes as inspiration. There's a lot of great stuff out there.

  2. That cake is amazing. I can't wait to see how you do! I bet yours will be cool too. I want you to come make my son's John Deere cake for his birthday. Can you? Please?
    and, yes, I did change the title of my post!! Sorry!

  3. She had a viewing party last night (I didn't make it out) but they said when they got there she had bunches of balloons tied to bottles of Liquid Soap! When asked why, she shrugged it off saying it was all she could find at the dollar store to hold the balloons. At least she can laugh about it!

  4. 21K is fab but your poor friend will never be able to use liquid soap again.

    Ever. ;)