It's a Cake!

Welcoming back the return of "Cake Friday" (Which I've renamed 'It's a Cake!' because sometimes I just can't wait until Friday).This is a cake I did for a friend from high school for her daughter's First Birthday.  She was pretty specific in her direction of colors, dots, and of course, lady bugs!

(This is me being all 'artsy' with my iPhone and Camera Bag)
It was fun to make, and each time I do a fondant cake, it gets easier and I make fewer mistakes.  OK, I still make a few mistakes, but they're small enough I can cover them with a dot or something.

She sent me a picture of a cake, that while cute, had flat lady bugs on the sides.  I don't do flat.  So, I made this cute little 3D guy [gal?] to sit on top.  But she looked so lonely, I added the tiny flower.

 And then I made the army of lady bug cupcakes.  These were by far my favorite part.  They looked so cute marching across my countertop.

Now, of course, I want to do other little bugs or butterflies or whatever.  Too cute!

The cupcakes were mini-cup cakes, which added to their cuteness! I made them by topping them with buttercream, smoothing it a bit then placing a black circle of fondant over top.  (I have a set of round cutters from one of the Wilton kits that were the perfect size)  Then I cut a red circle of the same size.  I took an exacto knife and removed a triangular section from the circle (about one/fifth removed), then I scored (but did not cut all the way through) at the triangle point up towards where the head would be.  Placed it on top of the black circle.  Use water or extract to stick the two together.  I rolled a ball and smooshed it to make a longer oval type shape for the head. (You love my technical words there, right?)
The dots were cut out using the small end of a #7 tip.  Adhere with water/extract.


  1. I am completely in awe of your cakes...those are adorable! Your friend is very lucky to have you.

  2. And my fondant lessons are scheduled for when?

    The cake and the cupcakes are all super cute. And "smooshed" is totally a technical term. You should hear some of the "technical" computer terms I've used this week in training. I also have a whole set of technical terms when I decorate cakes... like "do-jiggy" and "floofy deal" and "Son of a..."

  3. Wow! I think this is by far my favorite! You are so talented!

  4. I am in love, love! Please come to MN an make Elijah a rocket cake for his birthday next month? You'd do such an amazing job.