Dining Room finished

First, I just want to welcome everyone who found their way over here from Mabel's House.  Liz was super sweet to link to me yesterday.  And thanks everyone for the encouraging comments! It means the world to me.
I decided that it was time I stopped using my iPhone as a camera.  So as we worked on the dining room, I pulled out the new camera and took photos.  I was so proud of myself.  Until yesterday when I could not locate the cord.  Hmmm.  I searched and searched.  So all my fun 'in progress' photos are locked on a camera!  That's what I get.  I quickly snapped a few photos this morning on the trusty iPhone and I was off to work.

First, we put chair rail up at the height of our chairs.  Most chair rail is about 30-35 inches.  We put ours 38 inches, (because that's how tall our chairs are) and because the 10 foot ceilings require a higher molding.

We were careful to miter all the edges perfectly.  Even capping off where the column wraps into the living room.

We then measure the wall and decided that we wanted the squares to be perfect squares.  They are 26 inches (tall and wide).  I did some math to make sure that the space between each square would be even, as well as the space on the outside edge.  Then, that little outlet got in the way.  So, the space from box to wall is 10 inches, while the spaces between boxes are 7 inches.

It's barely noticeable, and it ended up making the math on the second wall work perfectly.  This wall had four boxes, the shorter wall has three.

Then, as I talked about yesterday, we finished the top half of the room with a really pretty blue color by Behr called "Harmonious," it's one of their new color and primer in one paints.  And it worked really well.  Brad was super sweet and had it painted by the time I got home one day.


I really enjoyed the project, and total it wasn't expensive.  The molding cost just over $90.  The mirrors were $100.  And the paint was $30.  (And the drapes? They're actually canvas drop clothes from Lowes, $10 each!  A little tip I picked up from The Lettered Cottage a while back!)


  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!! That looks fantastic! And the mirrors make such a statement! I love that you and your hubs do these projects. My hubs is perfectly capable, but he never has time. That, and when we do home projects, it usually tests the strength of our marriage. ;)

    Love love love! It looks great!

  2. I am super impressed. That is one very beautiful makeover.

  3. That is great- and you cannot beat the price! I am intruiged by the drop cloth drapes, can I get a close up?

  4. I have ALWAYS wanted to use drop cloth as drapes! Everything looks great!

  5. Talk to me about those mirrors some more!! Where did you get them - and you got all of them for $100?? I love love love blue and white in decorating and I am crazy for those mirrors.