Have I mentioned that I'm spoiled?

This week has flown by.  Probably due largely to my complete confusion regarding the days.  For example, I was convinced  that Wednesday was Monday.  I mean, I even wrote it down a couple of times.  Going back, I blame that on the cake.  I did a cake for a press conference for Wednesday.  So I worked on it late Tuesday night.  Which can be something I do on Sundays.  Yeah, that's the logic I'm going with. I'll do a cake post on Monday.  They turned out really cute.
So, of course, yesterday I thought it was Tuesday.  And yesterday even feels like it was three days ago, not one.  So waking up realizing it was Friday was a bit trippy today.  But really, really awesome at the same time.

I'm not going to talk about NaNoWriMo.  Cause I don't want to admit anything or incriminate myself. And that's all I'm going to say.  Moving on.

Last night, I started talking to Brad about shoes.  I don't really remember why.  No wait, I do.  I mentioned that I had worked at my job for exactly two years.  Something, something, something. And he asked how long it had been since I talked to my mom.  Christmas day this year will be three years.  He tells me I should BUY MYSELF SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE. Not celebrate the job. But celebrate not speaking to my mom.  (Can you guess he doesn't really like my mom?)  I said that I could really use some new shoes.  Some boots specifically.  I bought some cheap ones at Kohls and they hurt my feet.  I saw some at ideeli that were Jessica Simpson on sale for $90 (from $180).  But that I've never spent $100 on shoes before. I troll the sale isles digging for the cute shoes from last season.  You know, when Dillard's marks them down then slashes them to 75% off?  So, I have shoes that originally cost over $100, but I usually pay between $20-30.
So, he says, "We make plenty of money now, you can go shopping."
Gasp!  I have permission.
It's like my checking account is this magical vault of gold and someone unlocked it and said, "Go on, take what you want." I fell asleep as my greedy little mind envisioned dancing boots and booties, new bras and cute sweaters.
I'm going to be in trouble.


  1. I specifically avoided the Jessica Simpson sale at ideeli! I'm wanting new boots so badly too! And, as I am getting a pretty big expense check any day now, it would seem like the perfect time to shop... but since my glasses are 5 years old and I can no longer see out of them, I have decided to get new glasses instead. Boo!!! Plus, I'm going to be in enough trouble when David sees how much I spent on his birthday present (given his affinity for birthdays and all!) so I shouldn't push my luck with boots! Oh, and speaking of spoiled, did I mention half of his birthday present is for me?! :-)

  2. Yay! I love when corey tells me this! It is always dangerous for him, but he throws caution to the wind and does it a few times a year.I can't wait to hear what you got.
    On the boots? I did the same thing this year and got new slouchy boots and a pair of uggs (not great fashion, but it is SO COLD here in MN that a warm pair of boots is necessary)
    Make sure to post pics!