I was working on a post, but it was of a more somber tone, just reminiscing about holidays and such.  But, I thought it best not to depress everyone just yet, so I'll post it sometime next week.
Instead, let's talk about what we're thankful for.
I'm thankful for my husband, who despite his occasional hard-headedness, is super-sweet to me.  Whether it's getting up to take out the pups when it's really my turn or when he does all the dishes and cleans the entire house.  Sometimes its this little grin he gives me where his dimple on his left cheek starts to appear.

Or, how he sat through this two-hour meal and only complained a little.

I'm thankful for my puppies.  Who are so adorable I want to take them with me everywhere.  Even Presley who demands belly rubs constantly, and wont go to sleep at night until I have rubbed his belly for at least two full minutes.

And Phoebe who is fiercely independent and would be content to sleep all day.  But has discovered she likes attention, too.

And, I'm thankful for my job.  Although I have crazy moments and I think I want to throw my hands in the air and get all frustrated.  It's the coolest thing I could ever imagine doing.


Whether I'm interviewing someone for a video or commercial.

Or getting to attend a luncheon for the fifth anniversary for the Clinton library where I got to hear him speak.

And I'm thankful for cool and fun coworkers.  Even when we dress completely the same. (OK, actually, I enjoyed that a whole lot more than I should!)

I'm thankful that Brad and I have been able to fulfill a dream that many people have but never accomplish- building our dream house (and not getting divorced in the process!)

And, I'm thankful for all of you.  The friends that I have made along the way.  Some of you I know in person, some I will never get that pleasure.  But, we share our lives with each other every day and that makes me smile.

So, what are all of you thankful for?


  1. Let's see... I'm thankful for new friends who understand my need to interject Friends references into every conversation and who are as awesome at pool as I am. I am thankful Phoebe didn't catch that skunk. I'm also thankful for Bruiser, antibiotics, DVRs, spell check, Starbucks, good books, and all the traditional things like my husband, family, friends, job, etc.

  2. Ahh you've got a lot going for you! I'm thankful for the air in my lungs, the feet that take me places and the close knit family that keep me grounded. If you took everything else away from me, i'd be upset of course, but i'd still live!