Holidays and cake

 This past holiday weekend was packed full for us.  We went to my grandmothers for lunch on Thanksgiving.  Built a bed (to be detailed next week).  Went to a friends house for the Razorback game.  And I made a cake for an engagement party.  Then we had to clean up after the apparent cyclone that tore through our house.  
The cake was fairly easy.  And by easy, I mean I had a plan and there was no cussing.  Any cake that is completed without cussing is a success in my book.
It was for a friend's sisters engagement party.  She wanted a ring box with a diamond ring in it.  Me being a cake purist, I really wanted to make the ring out of fondant and pour a sugar diamond.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  I could not find a silicone mold large enough.  I found a plastic one that was the right size, but I was afraid that the hot sugar would melt it.

After some discussion, we decided that a real ring would be best.  This one was intended to be a paper weight.  And she had it engraved with the couples engagement date.  I thought that made a really sweet memento for the couple.

I coated it all in buttercream and then covered everything in fondant.  I used a punch to give the ribbon a little more depth and painted it with luster dust. I love luster dust.  

The bottom cake was a 10 inch square, the box was three 6 inch squares with another 6 inch square for the top.
It traveled really well, which always makes me happy.  I hate driving with cake in the car.  But, how else will it get there?


  1. That is amazing! And I love that they have a keepsake with the ring topper/paper weight!...such a good idea!

  2. Super cute - I love it! Driving with cakes is the worst. Every single time, I have a vision flash in front of my eyes that I will A) trip while coming out the front door B) be in an accident of some sort C) trip while getting the cake out of the car. Hmm, maybe it's not so much the cake I worry about as my own inability to stay balanced! I need to be more of a cake purist. I'm totally a "just stick this thing on there" person. It probably drives you insane to look at any of my cakes.

    PS- Glad you survived the Razorback party.

  3. I don't know, you could always fly it there...kidding. Elijah's birthday cake had that luster dust on it and I loved it too! So pretty.
    I love the cake and can't wait to hear about this bed...

  4. I am always in awe of people who can either make fine carpentry or bake cool looking things, as I can do neither. I once tried to make cupcakes and almost burned the kitchen down. (I exaggerate... slightly.)