Artistic Outlet

I've always had an artistic streak to me. I made things up as a child. I drew. A lot. And that stayed with me through high school. I took AP art my senior year and several of my pictures won awards. Nothing major, but enough to make me think I knew what I was doing.
Which, I don't.
Not exactly.
I haven't picked up a pencil to draw in close to 12 years.  I'm not even sure if I could still do it.  But since then, I've found new ways to express myself.
Like writing, which I have been fortunate enough to not only be able to do on a daily basis, but also get paid for.
And, my cakes. A new-found extension to my creativity. I enjoy that I can share my creations with others, give them as personalize gifts and in a strange way, I enjoy the ephemeralness of it as well. How it's not intended to last forever.
But, I have been given an opportunity to wield my paintbrush yet again.
As I have mentioned before, my brother-in-law is a pediatric dentist and Brad manages his dental office. And I get to paint the walls.

This past weekend, Brad and I added a mural to the lobby. An area previously declared 'parent zone' and therefor paint-free.
Of course, we went over-the-top bright.

Brad has gotten much better with his painting! We previously did the back room in a jungle theme and Brad was tasked with painting the large areas. I did all the detailing and outlining.

AAAAAANNNND, now I can't find those photos. I know they exist somewhere.
But, we have more plans for the lobby, including another waterfall, and a Mayan-esque doorway covered in vines.
So, as we finish those projects, I will continue to update you with photos.


  1. So cool!! I used to draw a lot too and did a lot with oil pastels... but I never got the hang of painting. I'm jealous of people who can paint murals! :-)

  2. Oh how fun. That's really lovely. I love the elephant and the tree and the sun setting. It looks like it should be in a children's book illustration!

  3. I love that! Come do my walls pleeeease!