Mini makeover

Our house has two bathrooms. Just two. I really wanted two and a half. But, since I had pushed the envelope on just about EVERYTHING in the house (bamboo floors instead of stained concrete, upgrading to granite, three areas of stacked stone instead of Brad's requested two, I could continue), so I left it at just two.
Of course, later, Brad was like, "Why didn't you push me on that?!"
It's always my fault. :)
Regardless, since Brad's mom moved out, we truly have two bathrooms again. And I forgot how cool that little bathroom is!
The slate tile that I laid all by myself thankyouverymuch! OK, so I laid it alone solely because only I could fit in that bathroom, but whatever.
The cute vanity we got for a great price.
The lovely blue on the walls. le sigh. 

And then, we have the shower curtain.

Brad and I have been discussing getting a new one. The old one really went in the bathroom in our last house and we just carried it over because, we already had it.

So, my question is:
Which do you like better? The old cream waffle
Old shower curtain

or the new grey typeset?
New shower curtain
Because the space is so small, it makes the ceilings look even higher, and we've discussed putting something above the shower. And, since I've discussed my love of groupings, I think some vintage letters would look great up there.

Regardless, I'm not sure which I prefer. The first is so classic, the second so interesting (and cheap, only $16 at Target).

And, I'm frustrated, I tried to do this cool 'roll over' trick from Pioneer Woman, and I couldn't get it to work. Anyone ever tried this before?


  1. I continue to vote the typeset one. You can't go wrong with the white one... it's classic, like you said. But the new one seems "you" to me. I think it's because I associate your job with typing or something. Not that 95% of people don't type at their jobs, but your typing leads to large printed type on billboards and such. Anyway, the new one. You can always change back to the other in a few months if you get bored. (But I think a cream colored bath rug would help separate the floor and the shower curtain and make both pop a little.)

  2. I'm torn. I like both of them but they are so different so it is hard to choose. I think if you go with the vintage letters grouping idea, which is a fabulous one, maybe the cream one so that the grouping stands out? If I were you, I'd probably just do both...you know when one needs washed, I'd just swap them out. And I love that tile. Nice work!

  3. I like the typeset one as well. It all looks so amazing!

  4. 100% the typeset one. Yeah, the waffle one is classic and pretty and blah blah blah - it's something you'd find in a hotel and/or grandma's house. Perfectly lovely. Nothing wrong with it. But the typeset one is much more interesting and fun.

    I envy your pretty bathroom floors and gorgeous vanity. Our current vanity (which came with the house) is topped with the ugliest of ugly brown swirly tile. I can't wait to bust it out of there.

  5. I love the typeset, because it is fun and cool. There is my vote! My shower curtain is boring, and I want a new one, but we have the curved bathtub (that goes in a corner) and you need a HUGE curtain, so you can only get plain ones.

  6. I vote typeset and I think metal letters mimicing the large and small of the curtain would look cute.

  7. Typeset for sure...I think it helps bring out the color of the walls!