Rather be

I would rather be digging up the stump of the poor dead tree that Brad accidentally snapped off in the yard, making the sad flowerbed look down right barren. And then replace it with some beautiful, magical never-going-to-die tree that flowers year-round. With glitter.

I would rather be stripping the paint off the antique door that we snatched up at the local Habitat for Humanity for a whopping FIVE dollars. And be preparing to turn it into the headboard for our spare bedroom.

I would rather be painting beautiful stripes on the walls of that same spare bedroom with the extra paint leftover from the living room. Kind of like Layla did here. Where my husband was browsing after I recommended he check out the blog for the umteenth time. He fell in love with it and honestly, it made me like him even more (if that's possible).

I would rather be hauling the TV stand from the other spare room up to the empty media room and trying to get that room set up for my exhausting workouts.

I would rather be lounging by the pool, enjoying the rays as they dry the water on my skin.

I would rather be staining the deck and pergola and hanging cute little lights that I picked out at Target, but haven't bought yet. Preparing for the monster birthday blowout that will take place mid-August.

Better yet, I would rather be packing for the amazing vacation that is still not close enough to start counting days. Pretty much, I would rather be doing anything than facing a Monday right now.

What would you rather be doing?


  1. I love your new look here Kelli! It is fantastic. Me? I'd rather be shopping. Running, anything but cleaning!

  2. I would rather not be watching the Weather Channel, wondering if a tornado's going to strike me dead.