Camp, the movie

So, as I mentioned last week, I made a movie. And not just any movie, an awesome movie. I think you should watch it first, and then hear how it came to be.

OK, done? Good. Did you laugh? I hope so. (Did the player do anything crazy-like and not fit in the screen well? Hope not, but it's giving me troubles. There's a reason, and I'll explain later, but not right now. I'm sure some of you know why, but anyway. Not to be all crazy cryptic or whatever.)

So, the group had discussed really, really loose ideas on what the film could be about. The parameters of the project are such that you aren't supposed to write or do too much before the weekend starts-in order to keep everything fair. You can assemble your team and secure locations, but that's it. And I really wanted to stay true to the game. So we discussed loose ideas mostly to see what locations we might need.
Here's the list:
1. Something with a giraffe costume. Maybe the guy is a kids' birthday party mascot and he hates his life or something.
2. If we got "Film de Femme," (a strong female lead character) we thought about having me be a cake decorator and I would poison the cake. We weren't sure why, we wanted to wait to get the other details.
3. Something with the dentists office. Since we had access to one.
4. Some kind of horror or suspense movie filmed out in the woods near my house. I was thinking that Lauren could be the murderer. This could also have been Film de Femme. I was thinking of doing the typical 'group of couples go hiking and something goes amiss' kinds of deals.
5. A buddy film using Brad and David (aud's husband) as cops. We figured we could use David's actual cop car and track down a uniform for Brad. We weren't sure what they would do, but we figured it would be funny.
I think there were a few other thoughts. But, with the way this program works, you really don't know. And honestly, it's so much more fun to be spontaneous.

Brad (my husband) was the giraffe. He wasn't exactly happy about it, but once all the roles were doled out, we still needed a giraffe and since the costume was purchased to fit him, it seemed necessary. We ended up using a stunt giraffe! Brad doesn't do heights and it was just easier for Zachary to get up there since he does so just about every day!

There are some hilarious photos that Michelle took and posted on Flickr, I'll get a link to that asap.

Until then, hope you guys enjoyed the movie. There's some other fun stuff going on right now, I'll be back with some more posts next week!

Also, you can go read Audreya's story about the movie, here.


  1. Way to put me on the spot there for photos! (kidding)
    That was on my "things I was supposed to do, but didn't list this weekend". I'll have them up soon everybody.

  2. I think y'alls film came out so well. Great job! And what a fun group!

  3. Sorry Michelle! I'm blogging from the beach! My thoughts are not fully coherent and I'm not working from my computer so I'm at a loss. Even if you had them up I might not have been able to look at them!

  4. I liked it! I thought it was funny and a cool concept! Now, Brad as giraffe? That was awesome!