I'm never drinking again (AKA, I turned 30)

Sunday was my 30th birthday. I spent the majority of the day in bed, recovering from the blowout the night before. I am lucky enough to share my birthday with a close friend, and my birthday month with a ton more. So, we had a group birthday party and practically took the roof down.

If I have learned nothing else, it is that this blog is a good place for self-depricating humor, so I shall recount the events of Saturday night as best I can remember them. Any fogginess may or may not have to do with the fact that two days later I could still be hung over. Who knows.

It began innocently. With me and some of the other birthday girls.

Birthday girls

We were all dressed in matching paper tiaras and feather boas. (There are still feathers everywhere!)

Things were great, we had good food, good fun and a lot of people packed in our great room.

Here's what's left of the cake I made for us. Often I choose between delicious and pretty. This was definitely in the delicious category. 8 layers of raspberry soaked chocolate cake sandwiched between sumptuous chocolate ganache.


But after the cake, there were shots.

There were shots

And then, there were more shots.

There were more shots

And then, there was singing.

We sing

And then, there was me passing out. And while I don't have a picture of that, I know that a few photos exist, because I heard them being taken. But, I'm not going to go looking for those photos–lord knows what else I might turn up.

Despite a few friends picking up the house, it's still a bit of a mess. I fear we will be finding feathers until we move out.

And I heard that after I fell asleep (yes, I'm going with 'fell asleep,' not 'passed out,' I feel it sounds a bit more dignified and frankly, I'm getting up there in age, I can't be pulling these all nighters any more.) I heard that the party moved down to the community pool where I think some interesting video could be found if one were to look hard enough.

And, I leave you with this, my random words of wisdom.
Just say no to tequila, lest you end up like me.

But, for your 'viewing pleasure,' I have included a short clip of my singing. And I shall warn, it should probably be watched on mute, because I can not carry a tune in a golden bucket.
But I like to think that what I lack in singing abilities I make up for with stage presence.


  1. My favorite quote of the night (all three times you said it to me)
    "Audreya - why are you making me drink water? This water you are making me drink is upsetting my stomach!"
    "Do you think maybe it's the tequila that is upsetting your stomach?"
    "No, Audreya, it's the water..."

  2. AWESOME!!! hahahhaah!


  3. You KNOW it was a good party if you swear never to drink again after it. Oh, and tiaras and feather boas-- those pretty much clinch this party's place in history. Happy birthday to you all (now go take some ibuprofen!)

  4. I love that you ran in place while singing "Turn the Beat Around."

  5. It sounds like you had an awesome birthday! I always say I'm never drinking again after similar nights and then...I always do. It's good to overindulge sometimes, especially on such a momentous occasion!


    That's what I'm going with.

    I'm glad you had big fun, and sorry you ended up with a big headache!

    Also, Ima need some of that cake in my life. Pronto.

  7. I did the same thing on my birthday! Your day looks completely fun to me!!

  8. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to make that cake. Yea for a great 30th birthday!