Me vs. The Weekend

This weekend ended up a bit different than I had expected. So, let's check out the recap!

Me vs. the crown molding:
We've been wanting to put crown in the great room/kitchen area for a while, but when we priced everything at Lowes it was going to be well over a grand. No thank you. We found it somewhere else for MUCH cheaper and had it delivered on Friday. Trying to save more money, we decided to make the corner blocks ourselves- we can make small miter cuts. Unfortunately I didn't anticipate it taking 6 hours to make 12 boxes.
Winner: Me. By default, but only because we finished.

Me vs. Being a parent:
Having Kacie live with us has been pretty easy, except this weekend she wanted to stay with a friend. Sure. OK. Until she called bragging about 'getting shitfaced and going to Electric Cowboy.' Oh. My. God.
So I found out what kind of parent I would be. I've always thought I would opt to be the 'cool parent' and let things slide.
Nope, I very much launched into a 'drinking and driving is the stupidest thing you could do, I don't care how old you are' lecture to her friend when she dropped her off.
Winner: Me, I guess. I realized I can hold my own when necessary. Although, I think it aged me at least two years.

Me vs. Dinner sunday night:
After the marathon corner block making party, I was a bit tired and not eager to make dinner. So around 6:30 (I know, not actually late, but we ate lunch at 11) I threw some pre-stuffed chicken patties into the oven and mix up some instant potatoes. The chicken takes about 30 minutes to cook. So, of course, the electricity goes off 10 minutes into cooking them.
I decided that we would wait. 15 minutes later we decided that take-out would be the better option. After getting redressed we realized that our cars were safely tucked into our garage where the electric opener didn't work. After toying with the idea of having something delivered, it was decided that I would finish cooking dinner on the grill out back. Thankfully we have a burner on the grill for the side dishes and the chickens actually cooked up well.
Winner: The weather. After the food was eaten and we decided to go to bed early (8:30) from boredom, the power came back on.

So, this is a short post. But what about you? What did you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope you won.


  1. I won! I got to finally read some fantastic writing by this local author I know. Not sure what her pen name is but I'm fairly certain her real name starts with a K?? Heh.

    I also won the battle of me against my ex's girlfriend. One story of which I will keep to myself on here. But I assure you...I won big. :)

  2. Hmm..me win? Let's just say I survived? And was lazy?

  3. Ya my weekend was filled with unpleasantness...so I give this one to the weekend in defeat. =)