I like big butts and I can not lie

OK, sorry, that song was in my head the weekend I made my sister's birthday cake.
I guess I should explain. Nikki does roller derby and her nickname is "Sandra Buttock." Apparently she's come to be known by her ass. (Must run in the family. For white girls, we kind of have some booty.)
So, I was asked to make her a cake of - yes, her ass.
I tried to offer making a pair of skates. It was politely declined. (which, was probably best, I had too much going on with the 700 cookies to really focus on a pair of skates.)
Nope, she wanted an ass.
I told them that body part cakes were 'cheesy.' (I was being nice. You can read how Aud feels about body part cakes and know that I share her sentiment.)
They said yes, they wanted cheesy.
OK, fine. Ask and you shall receive.

They wanted her signature purple 'derby skins' (AKA booty shorts) and some kind of fishnet leggings with her nickname on the hiney. (Also, let's not discuss what the heck was going on at my house that in the background of the hiney cake is a bowl of grapes and a screwdriver.)

So, then like I usually do, I tweeted it.
And, I mentioned cakewrecks, because, well, I think Jen rocks and I prefer to acknowledge that the cake is crazy. That was sometime Friday night.
I woke up Saturday to this:

Hello! Cakewrecks retweeted me. (Granted it was totally a gimme, but still!) So, her 1.4 million followers saw my name.
At, like, 8 in the morning.
On a Saturday.
So, you know, I'm famous now. But I'm not letting it go to my head.

Anyway, if you want my autograph, just let me know. I'll send you one. You know, if I have the time.


  1. You are famous! That is HUGE! I am duly impressed!

  2. Self-reporting was definitely the way to go with Cakewrecks. It's important to stress this was NOT your idea rather than have someone send it to Jen! :-) At least they were going for cheesy. I can handle odd requests as long as the person knows it's odd. It's when they say "Hey, wouldn't it be so cool to use your edible image printer and put this ultrasound photo on a cake?" that I die a little inside. And, I must say, I thought you did the butt cake quite tastefully. Hehehe.

  3. Oh yeah, making a cakewrecks tweet is huge! I'd be super proud (at the same time you felt shame). It is a good cake, and as Audreya says, the bad taste is not yours. Well done.

  4. Can I tell you how jealous I am of your fame? I have tried tweeting the stupidest, most provocative, most intelligent, most urgent tweets I could think of. Nothing. I'm alone out there in the universe.

  5. Girl, you are FUNNY! :) Oh, and I just know I'd totally be friends in real life with Jen and Jen and John

  6. I love that Cakewrecks mentioned you!!! FANTASTICAL!!! and much deserved!

    I felt the same way when Scary Mommy picked me to Guest Post - she's kind of a big deal...(to me:)

    just like you!!!