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The Daily Dribbles

Dear Anne

Dear Anne-

You are not nice. A lot of people loathe working with you. You talk WAY too loudly on your phone. Your voice is like nails on a chalk board. It's so nasally and unfriendly.

Nobody cares how much you workout. Nobody cares that you are a personal trainer. Nobody cares that you didn't eat bad food during the holidays. You could have the best body and your lack of personality, caring and tact cancels it out. And you're not very pretty so your "rocking" body (as you call it) doesn't really matter. My husband would call you a "butter" face- everything is hot "but-her-face".

You're not good at your job--you just have an amazing support staff. And they don't get any credit because you have no appreciation for them. I cannot believe you are in a management position to begin with. It's a running joke that nobody on my team likes working with you and we only put up with you because we have to. I can't believe you haven't been fired. You must either have the upper management totally snowed or you're sleeping with them.

You suck.


For some reason, the woman hosing my blog decided to stop hosting my post, so I've place it here. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, she'll have her day. What goes around, comes around!

  2. Great post..

    Too funny there are people like this around all of us. Just be happy with you and know there my be something is wrong with this person..

    Stopping by from the party..

  3. Karma is a "you know what". She sounds like a miserable person.

  4. Butter Face! LOL! I will have to remember that.
    Sorry you have to work with her

  5. Does she really refer to "rocking body"?
    That's hysterical! What a crack up.

  6. Oh man, people like that drive me crazy. I seriously wonder if they just have such low self esteem they act like that cause who would really do that if they had high self esteem? Rockin' body huh? Whatever.

  7. Bet that felt good to get out!

  8. HA! Butter face! Love it...I must steal that. =) Karma will get her!

  9. Loved it!! I mean, dude, I talk about running all the time, but at least I have the decency to wash my mouth out with PB after. I think.

  10. I totally need to do a letter like this one!! There are so many people in this world that are cocky and arrogant and just plain horrible!

  11. Love Butter Face. Glad you got to get it off your chest.

  12. Now don't you feel better for getting that out? Ugh, I can't stand people like that! If she gets ill or hurt & can't work out any more, she won't have that rocking body any more...and then it sounds like she'll be left with nothing.

  13. Bet you wish someone would tell her that to her face.