When I was in high school, I had a few close friends. And occasionally we would find ourselves in mischief. What, sometimes it happens. For the most part, I was a straight-laced, good girl. I followed the rules, never ditched class and did my homework (except reading Frankenstein, I refused. Twice. But that's another story).

Anyway, one of these friends sat beside me in biology class.  We had those desks that fit two people, really they were small tables, suitable for yucky experiments like dissecting starfish (yea, we never actually cut into a frog or rat or anything) and staring into microscopes. This class was a fun class though, it was taught by a coach. But not just any coach. A cute coach. A cute coach that filled us full of ridiculous lies about living in his truck behind Sonic (despite the fact that we knew he was married, and while a man might put up with that, I woman never would.)

On one particularly boring lecture day, my friend and I, bored of passing notes decided to take our shenanigans out on the nerd who sat in front of us. (Mind you, I was fully a dork. But he was a nerd. And not to confuse that with the Geek that I am today) Regardless, this guy was a nerd. Hear me out, he stood up to answer his questions. That's right. This wasn't debate class, it was Biology. You're not that important, sit down. In our boredom, we decided it would be hilarious to pull the chair out from under him when he went to sit down.

Whispering and stifling our giggles, we mapped out our plan. We would share the burden equally, me using my right leg and she using her left leg would slink down in our chairs, then casually sit up and pull the chair away just before he sat back down.

It was genius.

Except my friend totally backed out at the last second.

Not cool.

I sat up and half the chair slid back with me, and like clockwork, the nerd came tumbling down. The class erupted in laughter. Even the cute coach had to stop himself and cover it with a cough. As quickly as the laughter started, it stopped abruptly. I unhooked my foot from the chair quickly (how I thought it might not be pinned on me was ludicrous). The coach barked, "Why did you do that?"

Shocked at my own behavior, I immediately apologized. "I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that." Hello, funny. I thought it would be funny. Coach asked nerd if I should be sent to the office. He looked me in the face and said, 'no.'

Let's just say he was much nicer than I. I would have sent my butt packing. I probably would have also feigned an injury as well.

Instead, class resumed, nerd continued to stand when he spoke and I went back to my good girl self. My life as a rebel was short-lived. But for about thirty seconds, it was hilarious.


  1. Funny story! I'm dying to hear the conversation you must have had with your friend as soon as class was over!

  2. Kristy- Actually, after I did it, I immediately knew why she didn't. I really felt bad!

  3. we are kindred spirits you and me:)

    liiike peas & carrots we'd get along..

  4. Awww.....I feel so bad for laughing right now..so sorry...*laugh*....oh man.....

    i'm glad he didn't send you out.

  5. LOL! I would have laughed with you! Thank God you didn't get sent to the office!! Whew!

  6. Funny... isn't it amazing to look back on the random things we did back when and wonder why we did them?