Last week, Brad and I went with another couple on a small vacation. I call it such because we didn't leave the country. (Not that we frequent 'fancy' locals, but usually we hit the beach in Mexico).

Instead, our friends were invited to use a beach house in Hilton Head, South Carolina and we were invited to tag along.

It was a nice trip. I probably should have put the phone down and stayed away from my email more than I did, but I have no self control. If it's there and I can just hit 'refresh,' I will. I probably should have just left the phone at home and enjoyed the sights.

But, if I had, I wouldn't have been able to take fun photos on my iPhone and then run them through instragram and pretend that the photos are much better than they actually are.


I'm addicted to instagram too, go figure. Photography and singing are two talents I don't have but wish I did. This app lets me pretend.


We stayed in the Sea Pines neighborhood of Hilton Head.  We strolled around the bay and checked out the lighthouse.


We found a star fish and rescued it. Or I assume it was a rescue mission. It was crawling through the sand (yes, crawling) when I found it. I put it back in the water. Good deed done.

Sunny palm

We laid in the sun (hidden behind a dune because that wind was in-sane.)

Watch your step

We dodged jellyfish on our walk.


We played with the sea gulls. (It's OK to feed them, right?) (Also, it's OK to throw bread crumbs near your friend and snicker uncontrollably while they swoop around her, while she naps, none the wiser? Right?)

Got his lunch

We played putt-putt. How pretty is this little shot off the 4th hole?
Mossy oaks

We marveled at the moss in the trees. Trees that canopied over everything, creating the eeriest, most beautiful scenes around.

We also taunted the wildlife. Just a little.

I wouldn't recommend it.

Overall, it was nice. And I'm already ready to go back.


  1. It sounds like so much fun Kelli. Taunting wildlife? I love it.

  2. With the jellyfish and crocs (alligators, whatever!) I'd stay out of the water!

    Love the pictures!

  3. how amazing!! I love your pics - I want an alligator to taunt...that would FREAK my ass out!!!!