I'm convinced that the conversations with my husband are hilarious. So much so that I plan on subjecting you to them on a regular basis.

I should note that after about three meals of me placing asparagus on Brad's plate and him not eating it, he finally agreed to try it.

Brad: Fine. I'll try the asparagus, but you have to take a sip of my ginger ale.

Me: Fine. [takes a drink] It tastes like 7-up.

Brad: [takes bite of asparagus] Oh, this is good.

Me: [facepalm] Of course it is. Just don't smell your pee.

Brad: What?

Me: Nothing.

A week later.

Brad: This asparagus tastes funny. What did you do to it?

Me: Nothing. These are green beans.

I think I need to feed my husband more vegetables.


  1. This should be a series. Unbeknownst to him, Brad is about to become a star. A star who doesn't know his veggies.

  2. That is AWESOME!! I agree - a series is necessary. My hubs did this same thing with turkey/ pork...nearly the same thing...right?