I can't sleep

I can't sleep right now. And sadly, it's still early to even be complaining about not sleeping. There are people who won't even be attempting to go to sleep for hours. And yet, I've already tried and failed for the night.
This was never a problem for me in the past. Frustration, sure. But sleeplessness? No way. When some people get stressed, they can't eat. I don't have that problem either. Actually, I have the opposite. I'm an emotional eater, though and through. And that's never really been a problem either.
And yet lately, I can't sleep. And the pounds? They're sticking around. Which, of course both lead to more stress, the source of all of this. It's a vicious cycle.
So rather than fighting it, I'm here, prattling on about nothing.
Things are slowly moving forward with the bakery. Emphasis on slowly. I've got a ton of support, which is really, really great. And I've got tons of people willing to help me. Unfortunately, I can't do everything by myself, but that doesn't stop me from trying. It's a nasty habit I have. I have to let people help.
Today, I broke down and used all the tools in our garage by myself. I made two different cake stands. One for a specific cake (more about it later). And another generic cake stand for display in the bakery. I want to have a really cool display in the window and I want to change it out seasonally. So, I need [in my eyes] a variety of cake stands. And since I can't find everything exactly like I want, I'm making some. Regardless, it was a huge accomplishment for me to use the miter saw and not squeal or dance around on my tiptoes like a six year old who just spotted a spider.
I'm telling you, big, big progress.
And, I'll post about that one too.
But, for now, I'm looking up information on the health department and probably writing the copy for my website. I figure, I'm in the mood to write, so I might as well put it to good use.
Sorry if this was terribly boring.