Weeks and days

This past week has been both fast and slow. Days crawl by at a snails pace, but when afternoon hits, the previous morning felt like it was weeks ago.
I have a lot of balls in the air. During all of the bakery madness, I've decided that I must complete the back bedroom. Unfortunately that is currently being used as the bakery staging room. So it's a disaster. A pile of glass and bowls and mirrors as well as pillows, sewing machines (yes, plural) and lamps.
On Saturday, Kyle, one of my oldest friends came over and photographed a bunch of sweets. I'm going to blow the images up and use them as art work in the bakery.
Here's a dummy cake I made. I will use it both as a display in the bakery and it was also photographed. (obviously, Kyle's pictures are much better than this.)

Call me a goober, but I love 'behind the scenes' photos. They're so fun. Plus you get an idea of how everything isn't exactly what you see in the finished photo.

Do you like my sweet little coffee cart? I finished it last week. I love the color. There were moments when I thought, 'Orange? Really?' But I love it, it turned out perfect. And you can't see, but the top knobs are pink ceramic. Love. (I'll go through the full rehab later this week.)

Another shot set up. This is the infamous chocolate raspberry cake. The first time I made this was for my birthday last year. People still tell me it's the best cake they've ever had. And while I might be a bit biased, I totally agree.

The leftovers.

A rainbow cake. The chocolate raspberry. Snickerdoodle cake. Cupcakes. Cookies. Brownies. Yum. All of these items will be on my menu.

And, in prep for the bakery, I've bought a lot of clear glassware to hold all of my goodies. Admittedly, it feels like I've bought a few too many.

But, I'm going to have a variety of treats and well, I'm a sucker for clear glass. My dealer for this addiction? T J Maxx. That place has a great selection and crazy cheap prices. I think the most expensive item was the apothecary jar one on the left at $14. The rest were around $9.99. (And if you really want a selection, make your way to Conway where it's also a Home Good's store.)

I'm off to go make a baby shower cake, some cookies for this week's Tweetup and some Star Wars cookies (!) I'm really excited about those. And, since my nephew's birthday is this week, he also wants Star Wars. I'm thinking a giant Darth helmet for his cake.