I've been a bit busy with cakes lately. Which is good. This past weekend, I had my first third hand referral. A year ago, I made a cake for a friend for a baby shower:

Oh the things you'll eat!
The woman who the shower was for called me [this year, obviously] and asked me to make a cake for her daughter's first birthday:

She told her friend about me and her friend called and asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday:

These are the kind of happy success stories that I love. I also got an email from a guy who had a piece of his coworkers leftover chocolate cake. He wanted the exact one for his wife's birthday. Do you know how awesome it is to have an email sent to you where the subject is 'the best chocolate cake ever?'

This past weekend, I made three different cakes. I ran into some trouble. They were lopsided. The icing was cracking. They looked terrible. Sometimes this happens. Usually I cuss. OK, I cursed this time too. But Brad paused his TV show, came over and said, "It's OK. Just add a layer of frosting." Almost in tears, I pointed to my mixer bowl, dirty in the sink, piled with junk. "I got it." He said.
And just like that, I was calmer. He washed my dishes, took away the frustration and set me back down a path where I was less freaked out. I decorated while he went to the pool with our friends.
I managed to finish the [above mentioned] animal cake:

A baby shower cake and cake dippers:

And a mini dessert cake:

I know that going forward, this is what most of my weekends will be like. This is what I will be doing with all of my time. Creating. And sharing a gift with others. I love the thought that while I was cleaning my kitchen and getting ready to go out for the night, people were staring excitedly at my cakes, anxiously waiting to tear into them. I love that people trust me to make their special events all the more special. And I can't wait to be doing this full time.