The bakery takes over

Currently, I have the contents of a bakery residing in my house. Everywhere you turn, there's more and more stuff.

In the stairwell going up to the bonus room.

This mess wrapped around the corner, but Brad made me move it.

  In the bonus room.
There are 2 more bistro sets in the boxes. I'm going to
recover these cushions. Eventually.

In the spare bedroom.

These cake dummies are to be decorated. 
And the spare bedroom closet. 
Glass cloche jars and more glass!
In the laundry room.

Work in progress.

Even in the garage. So you know, basically the entire house.
Oven, natch.
My kitchen [which is rather large] is beginning to burst at the seams. Additional glitters and luster dusts and cookie cutters and cooling racks are beginning to stack up.

This requires storage. I love clear plastic bins and organization.
Even paint samples litter the wall in the pool table room.

Why yes, those frames are empty, why do you ask?
 I think I'm going with the Hush Pink. While I adore the Botticelli Angel, I'm afraid on the large scale it will be too pink.
It's a slightly peachy pink. So pretty!
Yesterday I ordered $400 worth of pastry boxes. They're coming to the house as well. I'm thankful for the bonus room and the fact that it's not a media room yet!

I don't have a definite date on when I will be opening right now, but things are finally moving at the location. Demo started last week and we're discussing a few items-you know the walls, the ceiling and the floor. Nothing too important! But I have a floor plan and everything is moving. I'm certain there will be delays. There always are. But as of right now, we have forward progress and that makes me happy.

I have to be in the location by October 27. OK, October 24 or something. Because I've agreed to do the Signature Chef's event for the March of Dimes on the 27th. (I'll need a few days to prep the food, of course!) I'm really excited. It's going to be almost like a launch party for me, plus it's a wonderful event for a great cause. I'm putting together my auction item and I think it's going to be cool. I really hope that it brings in some big bids for the babies! If you don't have plans that night, (and you live here) you should think about coming.

I've got other things going on as well, and I'll let you in on them as I can!