Body by Bakery Volume 2

Apparently when I wrote my original post, I just thought I was buff. I was wrong. I mean, I guess I was buff, but now? Now I'm starting to see scary muscles that I didn't know my body had. I'm afraid that if this goes on, I'm going to start looking like Madonna. And while I commend her for having a rocking body at age fifty plus, it's not really a look that I'm going for.
Newest muscles added?

The internal oblique. For once I can say 'yay for swim suit season,' because I now have this much coveted muscle.
Speaking of swim suits, I put on the lovely outfit in the above photo to do some yard work yesterday. Upon coming home, Brad said "Really? This is what you're wearing. Way to bring down the neighborhood." To which I said, "What? It's hot and I wanted to get some sun." AND THEN HE SAID, "Crew socks? Couldn't you have put on some low ones?"
He was upset about my sock choice.
My husband.
God Love him.

Another new muscle? I now have lower back dimples. First off, I remember seeing those for the first time on a cupie doll. (remember those?) And thinking, 'What the heck are those?' I'm guessing they (along with the internal obliques) come from leaning over a table (but not slouching and hurting my back) while decorating cookies. Say 700 cookies in the last two weeks? I'm sure that probably did it. Secondly, when looking up what to call those dimple things I found that people pierce them. PIERCE their backs. Randomly. Apparently it's a great way to spice up that long forgotten tramp stamp.
Now that I've finally got them, I will not be punching holes in them. Thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, the offer to come work in the bakery still stands, I can't promise that you will also get my awesomely pasty white skin, but it's a strong possibility. I have a post coming in a few days that hopefully you'll come back for. Why? It's a give away!