I saw a tweet last week that said "Resolving to not make resolutions is so 2012." And I thought "Shit. I totally resolved that last year!" I hate being a cliche. Even if I don't mean to be. Which makes me more of a cliche. 
I really don't like writing down my goals. For a few reasons:
1. When I really get going, I have far too many goals and I don't like a visual indicator that I'm taking on too much.
2. Even when I manage to accomplish half of the monstrous list, I'm still left with half a list unaccomplished. And that makes me feel like crap. 
3. I was being generous when I said I would finish half the list. Really I will finish half of half of the list and then start but never finish another quarter and then wholly ignore the other half. 
4. At the end of the year I will mostly forget what I pretended I was going to do.
5. I will feel like a failure. 
6. I will also feel stupid for thinking I could do any of it.
7. I will write off what I did accomplish as a complete fluke. 

Lists suck. 

And yet, here I am. Thinking about writing a list. 
Except it's not a list. It's a singular goal:

Use the bakery as a launching point into something greater. 

I don't care what that greater thing is, just something. More. 
Because I am never satisfied. I know that the bakery will make me a modest salary until the point in which I sell it or go the way of Cake Baby in Bridesmaids and close it. I'm locked in for two more years and I think they will be fine. But I've always said that I couldn't be in the trenches of advertising all my life- I knew that I wouldn't be able to always be 'hip' and that at some point I would need to move out of creative. (I thought my path would take me through Creative Director and then to teaching.) Not so much. 
And with the bakery, I know that my body can't physically take the toll that I'm putting it through into my 50s and 60s. Hell, I'll be lucky to make it to 40. So I need a next step. An endgame. 

Enter 'The Plan.' I need one of the following to happen:
  • Become wildly popular where people are beating down the door of the bakery demanding my cupcakes (or cookies, or ninja turtles, whatever) so much so that I can hire lots and lots of people who can do everything for me. 
  • Write a cookbook and sell many, many copies of it.
  • Become a super famous TV personality (bonus points for being self taught) and I get to be awesome. 
  • Convince a local university to join in a partnership with my business where I teach a small business class where we use my store front to teach students through the real thing. 
OK, so, 2013, LET'S. MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN!