New you for a new year ... or something like that

Every year, I like so many others, create and ultimately give up on so many new years resolutions.  But this year will be different.  Not because I plan on keeping the resolutions, but because I just wont be making any this year.  I mean, I still plan on keeping my 'fat jeans' just that and not my 'only pair of jeans that fit.'  But there will be no list, physical or mental.  Because I have no idea what this year holds for me.  So much that any resolution I create may never be fitting of the situation.  
Last year was the hardest year ever.  Period.  It far surpassed the three years where I had no vehicle and my work/school were located roughly 40 miles from my abode.  Last year started with a bang,  actually it started kind of quietly as I left work on my lunch break and never came back.  Stop me if you have heard this one.  
I spent much of 2007 as what I like to call "unemployed."  I dodged phone calls from angry people under the assumed title of "Vice President of Operations."  I should have been called "Guru and all-knowing of the company except that we have $0 in the bank, and I have no clue that I wont be paid for this."  (OK, I was finally paid, 6 months later)  Then I dabbled in cake decorating.  That was fun.  Except I had not been paid that little for my work since I was like 18 or something.  
Then there was the lucrative freelance position that I landed, completely sure that I was moments away from a staff job in (drum roll) my elusive career of choice- Advertising!!!  That didn't pan out either.  But did manage to make enough money to make up for the three months I sat on the couch.  
Finally, at the end of this year, I got a job.  A real job.  THE job.  Copywriter at a local ad agency.  And a fairly big one for the market.  It really is all about who you know.  The freelance position introduced me to a few people, one came over here and called me.  How about that.  You know that BS about 'it's all who you know?'  It is the most true thing ever.  Want some career advice?  Get out, meet people.  Suck up.  Kiss ass. Show off.  Never stop.
But, this is not the point of my blog.  I want to whine.  That's really what I do best.  During all of this chaotic turmoil, my mother-in-law (heretofore referred to as MIL) was diagnosed with Cancer.  (I feel it must be capitalized because this shit demands respect)  It spread from her uterus to the cervix and ultimately to her lungs.  It fucking sucks.  Especially since she did everything she should have to prevent it.  Science on the other hand failed her.  Actually it was incompetence, but who's counting?  A mix up in a lab report gave the Cancer 3 years to grow when it shouldn't have.  Its been emotional.  For her.  For me.  And for my husband.  Who shows no emotion.  Except on his body.  His already lanky 180 lbs/6'4" frame dropped down to 160 lbs.  You cant tell me he's not stressed.  
So, while I -super career oriented over-achiever has the worst year ever in regards to jobs--I also take care of my MIL.  At first it was a little.  Little here, little there.  Then a bit more.  Then it was decided she needed to move in with us because she is alone in her house (her dog was put down three weeks before the Cancer bomb, so she was already upset).  Cool, not a problem, let me clean out the closet in the guest room.  9 months later.  Its become a problem.  OK, it was a problem way before the 9 month mark, but still.  
So, here we are, 23 chemo treatments later.  The Cancer is gone from her abdomen, but the 100 tiny nodules in her lungs are still here.  They are shrinking, but not gone.  According to her doctor, her progress is "miraculous," anyone else would easily be dead by now.  Of course the chemo is well on its way to finish her before the Cancer has a chance.  So, this year, the remaining 23 treatments will be spread out over 46 weeks.  So, another year.  This is what 2008 has in store for me.  A new career and a new challenge.  Can I sleep until 2009?

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