Parents are like assholes, everyone has them and they stink...

That's how that quote goes, right? Oh well, maybe not.
When it comes to parents, I'm pretty sure I got shafted. I mean, I have them -- sort of. My parents divorced when I was twelve. Shortly after, my mom went to college and we really didnt see her for five years. And my dad moved away. They hate each other so much that they can't be in the same state. [sigh]. When I was fifteen, I was informed (I say informed because I was not told) that some other guy was actually my father.
It was like when a magician pulls the tablecloth out from underneath the dishes, except all my dishes came crashing to the floor. So quick, so sudden, so permenant and such a change. That could never be undone.
I almost found out when I was ten. I have always been nosey. And I found a medical bracelet with -- what I believed was my birthdate and my moms last name was different. I asked my mom, "If you and dad were married for a year and a month when I was born, why is your last name different here?" She snatched it away, telling me it was not the year I thought, that it was a few years before I was born. I proded further, "But, itsnt that strange, you were in the hospital on my birthday, years before I was born?" Nope, not strange, stop asking questions.
I did, well, at least to her. I found other evidence; she kept the baby name from my nursery basinet, it also had me labeled as a different baby name.
I began to think I was adopted. I only wish. Truth was, my mom was young [sort of], met a guy, got pregnant, he left her and she met another guy who married her while she was seven months pregnant.
She lied to me. So many times. All my life, actually. I still have unanswered questions. Like when I was younger, she would tell me that the wedding dress in her closet was hers when she got married, and that she wanted me to wear it. Not possible, she was seven months pregnant. She was not fitting in that dress. No way, no how.
"Your father and I waited to have a child, you need to get to know your spouse before you rush into having a child." Yeah right.
Liar, Liar, pants on fire.
I still have anger towards my mother. I have met my true father twice. He obviously doenst care about me, and thats fine. I dont need him. Hell, I dont need any of them. My adopted father still lives in another state, oddly, of the three, I have the best relationship with him. I think he was the only one who ever wanted me, but of course, he left.
Maybe this is why I dont want any kids. God forbid I end up even remotely like my parents.

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