Dream a little dream

I put my foot down.  Not out of anger, although that did become a side effect, but out of frustration and a desire to give up.  I went to my husband and said that our lives felt platonic.  That I no longer felt married.  Like I was living the the worst episode of "Threes Company."  I wanted out.  
She's been gone one week now.  She has twice tried to push responsibilities off on Will, with him standing his ground.  I'm glad.  She needs to see the boundary that is clearly there but constantly ignores.  Last night, I dreamed.  I usually do.  I only remember a few seconds from it, a snippet.  MIL was upset with me  because I had soap in my bathroom and she didn't – actually, I think she was upset because I had foaming pump soap and she didn't.  Which is odd, because she does.  I bought her one to use.  I actually have no idea if she used it, but it was available.  The dream hit me this morning as I stood, pumping the foam into my hand.  The few seconds rushed over me, prompting me to look towards the doorway as though I expected to see her there, watching in jealousy of me and my soap.  
What does that mean?  Is it something very literal, like her request for a toothbrush from her dentist son that was never filled?  Or is it more figurative, and representative of something more?  Like the fact that I have a loving husband – who happens to be her son - when she doesn't?
I don't remember what happened in the dream.  If I handed over my soap, giving in to her demands, or if I found another solution to the problem, or simply yelled it all away.  
I may never know. 

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