Teach a girl to fish.

They say we are entering a recession.  Last week, I topped off the tank at $3.90/gallon.  It sucks.  But it doesn't suck in a "can't fill up the car" kind of way.  Or in a "let's reevaluate the bills" kind of way, or even in a "we shouldn't go out to eat" way.  Will and I are fine, obviously, we are building our dream house right now.  We both are making more money than we ever have, both of us starting our 'careers' (opposed to jobs) last year.  
I'm not worried about us.
I'm worried about my sister.  My sister who [stop me if you read this already] wouldn't listen to me six years ago and married a guy, got pregnant and dropped out of college after only one semester.  She has since divorced said guy, and my nephew will be five this summer.  
And [again, stop me if you already read this] she is pregnant with a second, due early next year.  She is "working on the relationship" with this new guy.  They were engaged and broke up, and then began talking again.  Hence the baby.  
Today, I called her, and she's at work, at the mall.  After she and new guy broke up, she moved a girl into her house to split the bills.  Good, I thought.  Except, she informed me today that this girl hasn't given her any money yet.  So, her share is sitting at around $800 that she owes my sister.  Hmmm. Roommates.  Cant live with them.  
And she also mentions that ex-husband is currently unemployed.  Ouch.  So the bills he had been paying are no more.  Just another strain on my sister.  Personally, I wasn't sure how they were going to pay for that house when they were married.  I have NO idea how my sister is doing it now by herself working at the mall.  Her loan is more than mine.  Her car payment is more than mine - by almost $200.  She has a child, and I don't.  And she has less than half the income we have.  I question how she is able to pull it all together.  
I fear that she will end up one of the horror stories of this generation.  A casualty of the easy to obtain credit surge of years past.  And I can't help her.  I tried.  Many times.  Back in college, before any of this started.  Last year, when I gave her $1,200 without telling my husband.  (I eventually got the money back, but it took 6 months).  
I don't want her to fall, but I have to let her this time.  I've given her fish, I've tried to teach her to fish, and it's time to let her starve or fend for herself.  

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