Things that make you go "hmmm"

I have two principles, thoughts, ideas, whatever you want to call them, that I totally 100% believe in.  The first being natural selection.   We are all aware of its existence on an obvious animal level – those with disease die out, the stronger are able to fight harder for food while the weaker die.  But I see natural selection on a human level, particularly pertaining to intelligence.  I look around our society and think, "You are stupid, shouldn't natural selection have taken care of you years ago?"  
One of my biggest issues with this are people who rely on government programs to live their lives.  Before you judge, listen first.  When I was growing up, my parents divorced, my mom had not really had a career (She quit working when my youngest sister was born with a whole host of problems).  She had to pick up a job quickly with no experience.  The divorce was nasty, and at our lowest point, my mom had no choice but to turn to food stamps.  She hated it, and we weren't aware of it until I started to catch on that she always sent us to the car when she checked out.  Once she was able to get us on our feet, she stopped using them.  I think this is exactly what those programs are for.  To help families out for a temporary period after a "disaster," whether it be a divorce, loss of job, disability, or actual natural disaster.  

The second idea I strongly believe in is self-fulfilling prophecies.  And I think that these two are extremely interrelated.  There are people who get on government programs and rather than saying thanks for the temporary step up, become comfortable with the status quo and decide that life is easier if they just stay on assistance rather than trying for themselves.  I believe that once these individuals are labeled as "low-income," they begin to think of themselves as low income, even if this is just a transitional period.  And I think that the government does not control as much as it should.  I am certain that I am in the minority on this, but I think that if the government wanted to help our society, they should do less taxing and punishing of those that try hard at succeeding, and do more to help those in need to help themselves.  Giving money just establishes that with no changes, people can simply stand there with their hands out and not actually have to work.  I think that there should be limits on time for government assistance.  OK, rant over.  More to come later.

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