The trials and tribulations of building a home (part 1)

My husband and I have decided to do something stupid.  We are going to build a house.  Our house, our dream house.  Beautiful concrete floors, giant kitchen, room for a pool table, media room over the garage – excuse me, "home theatre room." Everything we want.  
So, we bought some property.  And we started drawing floor plans, and taking pictures of houses we like.  Aside from a pile of catalogs on doors, windows and brick, that's about all we have so far.  So the next logical step was to find someone to really draw the house plans.  I sincerely doubt I can have a house built from the picture I drew on some graph paper, but who knows.  So we remembered a company we saw at the recent home show.  We called, met with him, and were promised floor plans in one week!  I am so excited.  Make that, I WAS so excited.  One week was Friday.  Friday came and went, with no e-mail.  Hmm, well, there was a holiday on Monday, so I will give him an extra business day, I thought.  Monday came and by early afternoon, I still had nothing.  So, I sent an entirely too chipper e-mail to the guy asking what they status was.  He replied that he was 'tweaking' and would have something for us in the morning.  Being in advertising, 'tweaking' is a word we use often.  For us, it could mean anything from "I misspelled the clients name and need to fix that throughout the document' to 'I haven't actually started on yours, so I'll do that now.'  So, I continue to wait.  My excitement turning to anger and frustration.  I know, actually, I dont know, I assume that drawing a house plan could take a while.  But he said 'one week,' if he had said 'one month,' I would have been satisfied, because, well, I don't know how long it should take.  But he did what so many people do, over promise and under deliver.  Never, never do that!  It is currently Thursday morning.  Still no house plan.  *sigh*  The problem now is, well, I think we already have changes!  This is going to take forever!  Goodbye building in the summer, hello new house in '09. Or, am I being optimistic?  Hello '10?

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