CEO for president

I am in no way political.  I couldn't care less who our president is.  Honestly, I wanted Hillary, because I think it's time for a change like that.  I agree that it is also the time for a change racially, and support the idea of a black president, but honestly I would rather see Condoleezza Rice before Obama, but I digress.  
I want to see our country run like a business.  I mean, that's what it is ultimately, right?  There is a similar structure President = CEO, the joint chiefs are like the board of directors.  It's all right there.  Problem is, a CEO runs the company to be profitable.  Our president is not running our country to be profitable.  
There are talks about raising taxes again.  Specifically for the rich.  Not smart.  Would a company cut dividends to their biggest investors?  No, never.  I mean, I'm not saying that Class B stock is nothing, technically in this country, that's where I would fall.  But if we continue to punish the highest producing members of our society, they will simply move their investments to another company [country].  
Welfare.  Just another well-meaning program that misses the mark.  Companies would never let a single employee drain all the available funds, at the cost of the others.  Our country should do the same.  They need help, fine, give it.  For a limited time.  Welfare should not be a hand out, an ATM from my pocket into the mouths of the poor, too-lazy-to-get-a-job.  Welfare should come with structure, plans to help, and job placement.  The free cash should have a limit, and the prospects of paying a portion back.  Not all of it, but enough to say, "Thanks.  I needed that, no someone else does."  And frankly, it should come with birth control. And I don't mean pills that can be chosen not to take.  Im talking IUD's where it is implanted.  If you can't pay for the kids you have now, you can't have any more.  Again, a company would say, "You have too many responsibilities, let me take a few away, get you where you can handle this, and then we can work you back up."  Once they are off the welfare, by means, have another kid.  I would just hope at that point, they would understand that it's not a feasible future. 
If our country were being run by an able minded business person, I think we would be in a much better place.  Someone get that person on the ballot, and I will vote for him or her, black or white. 

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