Trials and tribulations of building a house -Part 2

I am still a bit in shock.  I have a tendency to hear things, be aware of the general ramifications, but not let the real truth sink in.  Like the fact that MIL was informed last week that we are "half way there."  Meaning that we might finish this ordeal just under three years.
But that's not what this is about.  This is about us selling our house.  Which we did on Friday.  Not completely sold, but an offer was made that we accepted.  The couple is pre-approved, and has put down earnest money.  So, unless a meteor crashes somewhere, our house is sold.  And we have to be out by August 12th.  Four days after my 28th birthday.  I had been hoping for a big (bigish) party, but that is now out of the picture.  
Where is the problem, you ask?  We haven't started building our new house.  And we just found out that we can't get our loan until we sell our current house.  I guess its a good thing that we sold it after only two and a half weeks on the market.  
So, in three short weeks, we will be, for all intent and purpose, homeless.  Without a home.  We have a place to stay, the aforementioned MIL has a home that is vacant.  So I can't really complain, we will have a house with no costs.  So our income can go straight into the new house.
Just as soon as we can get our house plans drawn...

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