Bored for bored's sake

I frequently find myself with nothing to do at work.  Right now, I'm playing a game called, "There's something in my eye besides my finger."  It's enthralling to say the least.  Luckily, I have plenty of personal tasks that can occupy my time.  Building a house is going to be far more complicated than I ever imagined.  I know it is difficult – everyone says so.  But nobody ever says, "First the architect will draw the plans, but he wont tell you if the house will fit on the property.  That requires an engineer to draw up a survey."  So, I found one of those, and sent them what I have, but what I have wont work.  They don't care about my 10 foot bar or my laundry chute.  They need exterior measurements.  So, I call the architect.  He rattles off two different three letter acronyms that hopefully represent what the engineers need.  Hopefully.  I am waiting patiently for them to arrive.  But the good news, the builder will plot the property, so I don't need the engineers to do that.  
Now I just need to call my uncle and see when he can start cutting down trees.

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