Trials and Tribulations of building a house (Part 3)

I'm probably going to need to abbreviate that whole "trails and tribulations" thing, because at this rate, I will hit the 300th posting before we finish, I am sure.  
Today the question is, "Will the house we have designed fit on the lot we have bought?"  with the sub question of , "Who can tell us this?"  I posed that question to architect #1 on numerous occasions, to no avail.  I have since posed this question to architect #2 more than once, and it has been ignored too.  E-mail is not the best means of asking pressing questions.  
First, I have a plat of the neighborhood, that I scanned and blew up much bigger than it needed to be, and sent to to architect #2.  It has all four lengths of our lot (it's slightly trapaziodally shaped, with the front width being shorter than the back, and the right side slightly longer than the left.  Our house is 66 feet across.  The lot is 93.8 feet across.  Fine right?  Well, we have a 7.5 foot easement on the left (for a neighbor) and a 25 foot easement on the right (for the street) and a 25 foot easement from the front (street again).  So, we have 61.3 feet of available space we can use.  Hmm, house is 66 feet across... Not good.  BUT the lot gets bigger as it goes back, so it should fit, right?  
I need someone to tell me.  Before I sign off on said design.  So, I call an engineer.  (they did they survey of the current house I live in).  They can draw that for me, for the low, low price of $125.  OK, not bad, but how many of these tiny little surprises are going to pop up between now and the moment that I can move into new house?  *Groan*  I haven't even gotten the loan on the house approved, and I've shelled out about a grand, and all I have to show for it is a few print outs and lots of documents with three letter names that I have never heard of.  I'm all about .jpgs and .docs, but never have I heard of a .dxf or a .dwg.  
This may be more difficult than I had anticipated.  I thought I would hire a builder, plumber, electrician, dry waller, brick layer, and roofer.
Hmm, I haven't even started and I have an architect, builder, and engineer.  I think I might need to hire a bar tender.  Margarita, make it stout with a lot of salt.  Thanks.

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