Can you be pissed at me tomorrow?

For some crazy reason, I am fighting with a co-worker.  Nice guy, that is really cool and probably a good chunk of why I am where I am.  But he did something yesterday that upset me.  So, I told him.  And I wasn't mean or anything.  Actually, it was more of the opposite.  I came in and referenced the thing he did to upset me.  And he was all, "Do you have a problem with me doing that?" and I was all, "Yes." And he was, "Well, then just say, 'Don't do that.'" So, I said, "Please don't do that."  He said, "OK." and I walked out.  
I spent 7 years working retail, and 6 1/2 of them, I was in management.  I was talked down to from my managers, and occasionally, I talked down to my associates.  I tried not to do that as much as possible.  I know that people can get upset anytime there is a confrontation, even if it's a simple, "Did you drink my soda?" or whatever.  So, when I came to talk to him, I was trying to choose my words carefully so that I didn't do any permanent damage to the relationship.  But, I still wanted him to know that his actions upset me.  He responded fine, driving the majority of the conversation and was laughing about it most of the time.
Which was fine.
Until mid-morning, when I get an email from him titled "About Yesterday..."  I think that he might want to apologize, that he has realized he overstepped a bound and that he wanted to let me know he was cool with everything. 
NOT.  EVEN.  CLOSE.  He started in at me attacking my business decisions and personally as well.  Telling me not to get so bent out of shape, and that I was too emotional.  Yes, guilty as charged, I tend to cry over the smallest things, like my abruptly short blog this morning.  I didn't realize that I would be so upset about moving, and it just hit me today.  And my crazy sister is moving to another state and she and my dad have cooked up some hair-brained scheme about a gym, and they want me to write the business plan.  And a freelance client I picked up is being ridiculously needy to the point that I want to call and leave a screaming voice mail of "GO THE FUCK AWAY!" but wont.  And I have like three jobs that are due this afternoon because clients like to play this crazy game called, "How much can I demand in the smallest amount of time possible?" And I don't really have time to deal with this.  Which, is why I am blogging.  I really don't have time for this either, but I have an intern coming to my office in 30 minutes and I have to pretend I am in a good mood and that I love my job, don't hate my co-workers and fix my make-up so that it all sounds believable.  So, hopefully by regurgitating all this crap into words that I can close the window on, I can pretend that the problems will go with it.  Probably wont happen, but what the hell, lets give it a try.  
So, I am pleading to my co-worker (who doesn't know about this blog), please, let me be and just be pissed at me tomorrow,  I don't have time for your anger today.

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