Home is where...

Where is home?  Is it where you sleep?  Is it where you pay to live?  Is it the place where that special someone is?  Is it all of the above or none?  We moved out of my house, and I won't talk about it, because the simple acknowledgment of that makes me sad.  We moved into my MIL's vacant home while we build.  We fixed up our old house over the years we lived there, down to getting it show ready for the whole two weeks it was on the market.  Now, we are in a house that is in dire need of repair.  The roof has a small leak (we won't be doing that, a professional will), all of the trim needs to be painted white, and we might not have done such a great job the first time we painted all the walls.  And now I think the wood paneling we painted should just be covered with a drywall veneer.  Which is fine, just so long as we can get it all done in the next two months, because that is about the time when our house will be to the point where we will start working on it.  And my sister has requested our help to fix up her house so that she can sell it.  Super.  She also bought a new house in our same [previous] neighborhood.  So, she really doesn't need to do a lot, but she still needs help.  She is not as handy as we are.  So, we have months of work ahead of us.  Which, can be really cool, but also very frustrating.  Where I am looking forward to working on MY home, I am not as excited about the prospects of putting my sweat and blood into someone else's.  Not that I am selfish with my time or energy, but more that the other two houses will come before mine [time-wise] and it is quite possible that once it is finally time for work on my house, I will be quite fed up with the whole 'do it yourself' thing and won't want to do my own work.  
Actually, I doubt it, but who knows?

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