At last, good news

My MIL's insurance will pay for her to have a full body scan every 3 months.  So, Friday marked three months since her last scan.  It gives us the opportunity to see if any progress/regression has been made.
And amazingly, we have progress.  At one point, the Cancer spread to her lymph nodes (we never told her this), the next scan it had regressed, but was still holding firmly in her lungs.  Well, this time, there was significantly fewer nodules in her lungs, and no new growth.  Which is amazing. 
When we started, there seemed to be little hope.  Her chances of survival was about 17% (according to statistics based on others who have had the same cancer).  So, we were looking for a miracle.  And I guess despite her overall gloomy outlook on it all, her prayers have seemingly been answered.  
Her doctor plans to continue to hit it until December, and after that, who knows.  He may declare her "Cancer Free" and send her on her merry way.  Or, he could down grade her to a "maintenance" type of plan where she would only get chemo once a month instead of every week.  Either way, it would be an amazing change for her, where she would be able to start living on her own again sometime early next year.
Am I bad for thinking the timing will be perfect with our new house?

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