Slower than molasses on a cold Sunday morning

Or something else that makes little to no progress.
OK, we are actually making progress on the homefront.  But, as usual, not nearly as fast as I would like.  Thursday, I got a call (after me prompting twice) that our house plan has been accepted by the ARC (architectural review committee), my husband has pegged down Monday as the day we can close on our construction loan.  And as quickly as someone will let us write a check to pay off the property, we will be on our way!  And I am so excited, but as it approaches, I find myself not that excited.  I guess because I expect some other random thing to jump up and prevent us from starting.
A few weeks ago, we went to look at the lot (don't worry, it still looked exactly the same.) and noticed that the house beside ours was moving at warp speed.  After less than two weeks there was a house there!  Roof.  Walls.  Studs.  Major progress.  Last week, it was moving slower, but still, they had windows!  I am so jealous, I want windows!
So, in an attempt to feel like we are making progress (when we clearly are not), we picked out our kitchen cabinets and the guy at Lowes (super nice) will call us when they have a sale so that we can save even more.  Which is totally awesome, since we don't need our cabinets yet, but have a place to store them if we order them early.
And today, at lunch, I am buying all the lighting for the great room.  3 pendant lights for the island, a chandelier for the dining room, and another for the pool table room.  I think I saw a ceiling fan I liked too.
As much as I hate living in the 'tiny house' while ours is being built (If you don't know, our sold in a ridiculously quick time this summer - 2  and 1/2 weeks on the market.) I really just want to see what we have stared at on paper for so long become a reality.  
It's going to be sweet.

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