Lunch with sis

Earlier this week, I had lunch with my sister, the younger one who still lives nearby.  It was nice, the two of us, finally feeling like adults, eating while I was on my lunch break and she enjoying her last day of unemployment.   
See, we both worked in the mall, and that was probably my fault.  Before that, we had both worked at Subway, also probably my fault.  The easiest place to get someone a job when they have little or no experience is where you happen to work.  Sometimes that can blow up in your face.  This time didn't really.
I started working at a clothing store at the mall because of a friend, despite having no "retail experience" (see above).  She quit two days later, leaving me stranded.  But it was OK, I  lasted two years then moved to another clothing store, where my two years experience merited me a raise and move up the "corporate retail ladder."  About that time, little sis graduated high school and started crashing on my couch.  She needed a job, I had heard of another store that was hiring and got her an application.  She started and we were working in the same building, even if it was a mall.  Another four years pass and I was still in the same place, my sister on the other hand had become a full-on mall rat and had worked at nearly five different places.  I quit my job and spiraled into the world that would become the point that I refer to as "The year I lived on the couch."  But I digress.  
Sis was not as fortunate as I.  Me, with not one, but two degrees, and seven years of management experience, could get a job anywhere.  She, with one semester of college, and a spotty resume of job-hopping, left little to be desired.  So, three  months ago when she up and quit her job (just as I did), I was scared.  She declared she would do retail no more!  Which is great, except that is ALL she has ever done.  So, when she called me earlier this week and said that she had found a job, I was ecstatic.  Once again, she managed to get a job based on who she knows, but at this point, whatever works!  
Lunch was fun.  Afterwards, a co-worker asked, "So, that's your sister?"  "Yep." I replied.  Followed by the question we ALWAYS get, "So, who is older?"
I am.  By four years.  Damn freckles.
It wasn't until I wrote this that I realized exactly how much my sister has followed in my steps.  So, why did she not follow me through college?  Her life could have been so much easier.  I mean, she even got the EXACT same scholarship that I got.  I just hope that even though the lost her way, that she has found it again.

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