One day at a time

For the one, maybe two people following this and care, the house is moving forward.  Lurching like a train that has been parked for way too long, we have begun.  
Friday, I dashed out of work an hour early to sign on the dotted line more times than I can count and it was done.  The construction loan is opened!  Today, I closed our savings and dumped it into our checking so we can write a check to get the ball rolling.  (Something about the timing of the draws allowed by the bank, and how they won't let us draw enough money to pay for the foundation in the beginning or something else equally complicated where I simply nodded as though I understood.)  
Today, the portapotty will be delivered and [hopefully] after work today I will find that the utility people have visited and graffitied the ground marking where NOT to dig.  If that has happened, the trees will be removed Tuesday and foundation begun on Wednesday.  
My builder is not kidding when he said we would start.  I'm just itching to have progress done!

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