Fuzzy Logic

My mind has been preoccupied of late.  The house.  It is only three weeks in, and already, we are about a week behind.  At least we have started, so that uneasy feeling that we will be living at MIL's house forever is subsiding.  Work.  After the layoffs two weeks ago, things were starting to settle down here, except that I am bored.  And for the first time since I started, I have not generated enough revenues to pay for my own salary.  Which is sad, considering they bill me out at about 7 times what they pay me, meaning that I need to generate 8 hours of work in one week to cover my own pay, and the rest becomes profit for the company.  And sadly, I haven't done that in weeks.  Which, is scary.
There are other work problems, but they have not yet come to head.  I have friends in another department that are at risk, and the saddest part is that it is completely unnecessary and could have been avoided.  If only someone would have listened to - me.
I love being right.  I love it more than anything else.  If you asked me the whole "If you were stranded on an island and could only have one thing, what would it be?" I would answer, someone to stand there saying, "Gosh, if only I had listened to you, we wouldn't be in this mess."  I would live a happy life- being right.
But unfortunately, the times when I'm right and it REALLY matters, I can't enjoy it.  Because it usually means something bad, something very bad.
Like right now.  I really wish that I had been wrong.  That I had so far off base that people still chuckle at me when they think about how wrong I was.
Instead, today, someone passed me in the hall and said, "I guess it's a little too late for 'I told you so.'"  And she's right.  
Except, I'm not the one who could lose their job over this, she is.  And she was with me, she and a few others listened to me.  But nobody else did.
This could have been prevented.

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  1. Valerie-
    couldn't find an e-mail or contact info for you on your blog, so I'm leaving an off-topic comment to thank you for your comment on Fast Food News that lead to my correcting a huge mistake on the nutritional information of a burger at Wendy's.

    So, Thanks! I've corrected my mistake. -Ken FFN