It's resolved

So, every year, I do just like everyone else and create a mental list of things I will/will not do during the new year.  I usually adhere to them for weeks, maybe a month, then live with guilt for another month until I forget them completely.  And I really had planned on doing the same this year. 
Eat Better.
Don't be crazy.
Don't be so serious.
Accept all invitations.
Work harder and be more creative.
The usual culprits are all here.  And yet, when I look at this list, I mean really look at this list, it's not that hard.  As we enter the phase of the house where we can work, I will definitely be exercising.  So, that's done.  
Eating.  I don't eat crap all day, every day.  Actually, I eat pretty normal.  I'm going to switch the pasta I eat to a fortified wheat pasta and downgrade all my recipes with heavy cream to using half and half.  No butter, just olive oil.
The crazy.  Well, it's not completely my fault, I did come by it honestly.  But, I have been trying to stop, think about the situation and react accordingly.  I think that should work.
I take everything too seriously.  I grew up with responsibilities that far surpassed my age, and the trend has continued into my current life.  But, maybe that's not a bad thing.  If I want to be a Creative Director, I need to be driven and a bit serious.  If I weren't this way, surely I wouldn't be able to do all that I do.  So, maybe the serious can stay.
Creativity is subjective.  Or at least, I think so.  All my business training has created a brain that no longer thinks, "Wouldn't it be cool if this..."  But instead rationalizes and creates based on the situation, the needs of the client, who we are communicating with, and what needs to be said.  I guess I just need to work on 'the twist.'  That thing at the end that does/says what I am trying to do/say, but with that tiny spark that makes it memorable.  

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