My name is Kelli.  I grew up in a small town, which anyone who did knows that comes with ups and downs.  My parents divorced when I was 12 and those scars are deep and confusing, but as I was told in a client meeting a few weeks ago, things like that build character, so I guess I am OK with that.  
I started writing my first book during my parents divorce.  It was in a blue notebook, where I had erased the word, "Divorce" diagonally across it. I don't remember where I left off, but it was supposed to be a book to help kids cope with what is happening to their families.  I still have it somewhere.  The next book I tried to write was a few years later; it was from the point of view of a divorced woman with a child.  The child might have killed a few of her babysitters. (I was reading a lot of Stephen King at that point.) I got about 12 pages typed and didn't know where to go with it.  It is lost forever, and that's probably OK.  I tried to write another book about working in retail, but honestly it would make a better screenplay and I stopped.  This past year, I tried again to write about my Mother-in-law and her cancer – an inside look at it from an outsider.  I again ran into problems and stopped.  
The stories are inside of me, they want to get out, but I always run into this wall where I have feelings and thoughts and since my story would be based on true events, (possibly colored by my own interpretation)  I concerned about what the people in the book would say if they read what I thought about them. 
Which is why I started this blog.  And it has served me well.  And it will continue to serve me, but it's going to evolve.  I don't yet know where it will go, just like one of my books, the ending is unfinished, but at least I am moving towards something. 


  1. Nice to meet you Kelli. I'm glad to learn more about you!
    That is what I love about a blog. it doesn't have to be anything, does it?

  2. That's the best part about blogs... they can change and shift and become whatever you're feeling at the time. And you never know when you'll use those old writings again. I know I've hacked and disected and re-used things written ten years ago. At the time, I never dreamed they'd be useful one day. :)