Work is well, work.  I am at a point that I typically reach at least once a week.  The AE has sent out a job, where it is routed to our Traffic director before it is given to me.  I have a list of jobs that need my attention this week, but no actual work.  It's all sitting in traffic.  Not that our traffic director isn't working, on the contrary, he is - really hard.  Sometimes, I think he spends more time with a job than I do.  
But alas, at this moment, they are all with him, and none with me.  I tend to work quickly, thus making this process even worse.  And now, I am bored.  Yep, you guessed it.  I'm always bored.  But after my third [long] weekend in a row working at the house, I am exhausted!  SO TIRED!
So, I'm sitting at my desk, on a fairly warm day, thinking about taking a nap!
Not that I ever would, but today, it's actually crossing my mind.
There is a big project that is taking up a majority of peoples' time, but not mine.  So they are all scurrying around, busy, busy bees.  While I just want to nap.

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